Катька моя была бабой открытых нравов и конкретно меня запускала исключительно по праздникам (с)

Translation source
[clockwise, starting with title]
Title: Missing!
Green box: Dumb…
He skips class all the time?!
Purple box: Foulmouthed
But he doesn’t pick fights, so don’t worry!
Orange box: Dark skin
It’s not from a tanning salon!
Red box: Loves strong opponents!
He might come to you if you’re holding a basketball!
Green circle: If you happen to see him, contact the Touou Gakuen basketball club manager, Momoi! TEL: XXX-XXXX-XXXX
Large text: Aomine Daiki
Aomine Daiki (Touou Gakuen Basketball Club First Year)
Pink circles: Loves big breasts…
Well-endowed girls should take care!
Blue text: Intimidating glare
But he only looks scary!

@темы: Aomine Daiki, официальное|аниме